A Partial List of Fresenius Affiliate Locations Where Injuries May Have Occurred
While it is clear to the patient if he or she has been exposed the Fresenius Liberty Cycler home dialysis machine, It can be very challenging to determine if you have been affected by the hemodialysis products Granuflo or NaturaLyte. If you or a loved one have experienced heart problems such as severe peritonitis, heart attack, stroke, tachycardia or sudden death and were provided treatment at any of the following locations, you may have a claim against Fresenius. Even if your clinic does not appear here you may have been affected if you experienced heart problems or severe peritonitis. Many dialysis clinics used the Fresenius products Granuflo and NaturaLyte. Ask your provider if you were exposed to either of those products.

Look for the Fresenius logo. The Fresenius logo is a trademark of Fresenius


While this following list of Fresenius clinics may help you decide if you have been harmed by a Fresenius product or device, many non dialysis clinics use Fresenius products and devices. If you or a loved one who has received dialysis services and been injured by peritoneal infection, or heart attack/tachycardia, stroke or sudden death, then please contact attorney Jeffrey Bowersox for help immediately. Your claim is important and there are time deadlines to submit your claim for compensation.

Advanced Integrated Medical Services, Inc NJ
Amasi Medical Group, Inc. CA
Ambulatory Care Associates, Inc. DE
American Home Therapies, Inc. MD
American Homecare Equipment, Inc. VA
Biotrax Connecticut, Inc. CT
Bio-Trax International, Inc. DE
BMA Home Dialysis Services, Inc. DE
BMA Management Coany, Inc DE
BMA of Alabama, Inc. DE
BMA of Alameda County, Inc. DE
BMA of Anacostia, Inc. DE
BMA of Aquadilla, Inc. DE
BMA of Arecibo, Inc. DE
BMA of Arizona, Inc. DE
BMA of Arkansas, Inc. DE
BMA of Bakersfield, Inc. DE
BMA of Bayamon, Inc. DE
BMA of Blue Springs, Inc. DE
BMA of Caguas, Inc. DE
BMA of California, Inc. DE
BMA of Camarillo, Inc. DE
BMA of Capitol Hill, Inc. DE
BMA of Carolina, Inc. DE
BMA of Carson, Inc. DE
BMA of Chula Vista, Inc. DE
BMA of Clinton, Inc. DE
BMA of Colorado, Inc. DE
BMA of Columbia Heights, Inc. DE
BMA of Connecticut, Inc. DE
BMA of Corpus Christie, Inc. DE
BMA of Delaware, Inc. DE
BMA of District of Columbia, Inc. DE
BMA of Dover, Inc. DE
BMA of Dublin, Inc. DE
BMA of East Orange, Inc. DE
BMA of Essex, Inc. DE
BMA of Eureka, Inc. DE
BMA of Fajardo, Inc. DE
BMA of Fayetteville, Inc. DE
BMA of Florida, Inc. DE
BMA of Fremont, Inc. DE
BMA of Fresno, Inc. DE
BMA of Georgia, Inc. DE
BMA of Glendora, Inc. DE
BMA of Guayama, Inc. DE
BMA of Hayward, Inc. DE
BMA of Hillside, Inc. DE
BMA of Hoboken, Inc. DE
BMA of Humacao, Inc. DE
BMA of Illinois, Inc. DE
BMA of Indiana, Inc. DE
BMA of Irvington, Inc. DE
BMA of Jersey City, Inc. DE
BMA of Kansas, Inc. DE
BMA of Kentucky, Inc. DE
BMA of La Mesa, Inc. DE
BMA of Las Americas, Inc. DE
BMA of Long Beach, Inc. DE
BMA of Los Angeles, Inc. DE
BMA of Los Gatos, Inc. DE
BMA of Louisiana, Inc. DE
BMA of Maine, Inc. DE
BMA of Manchester, Inc. DE
BMA of Maryland, Inc. DE
BMA of Massachusetts, Inc. DE
BMA of Mayaguez, Inc. DE
BMA of Michigan, Inc. DE
BMA of Minnesota, Inc. DE
BMA of Mission Hills, Inc. DE
BMA of Mississippi, Inc. DE
BMA of Missouri, Inc. DE
BMA of MLK, Inc. DE
BMA of National City, Inc. DE
BMA of Nevada, Inc. NV
BMA of New Hashire, Inc. DE
BMA of New Jersey, Inc. DE
BMA of New Mexico, Inc. DE
BMA of New York, Inc. DE
BMA of North Carolina, Inc. DE
BMA of North City, Inc. DE
BMA of Northeast D.C., Inc. DE
BMA of Oakland, Inc. DE
BMA of Ohio, Inc. DE
BMA of Oklahoma, Inc. DE
BMA of Pennsylvania, Inc. DE
BMA of Pine Brook, Inc. DE
BMA of Ponce, Inc. DE
BMA of Port Orange, Inc. DE
BMA of Puerto Rico, Inc. DE
BMA of Rhode Island, Inc. DE
BMA of Rio Piedras, Inc. DE
BMA of San Antonio, Inc. DE
BMA of San German, Inc. DE
BMA of San Juan, Inc. DE
BMA of South Carolina, Inc. DE
BMA of South Queens, Inc. DE
BMA of Southeast San Diego, Inc. DE
BMA of Southeast Washington, Inc. DE
BMA of Tennessee, Inc. DE
BMA of Texas, Inc. DE
BMA of Torrance, Inc. DE
BMA of Trenton, Inc. DE
BMA of Ukiah, Inc. DE
BMA of Union City, Inc. DE
BMA of Virginia, Inc. DE
BMA of West Virginia, Inc. DE
BMA of Whittier, Inc. DE
BMA of Wisconsin, Inc. DE
BMA of Woonsocket, Inc. DE
Bradley Dialysis Clinic, Inc. TN
Clinical Diagnostic Systems, Inc. FL
Conejo Valley Dialysis, Inc. CA
Continue Care of Wyoming, Inc. WY
Continue Care Pharmaceuticals, Inc. WY
D Interim, Inc. GA
DiagDiagnostic Management Services, Inc. MA
DialDialysis America Alabama, LLC DE
DialDialysis America Georgia, LLC DE
DialDialysis Associates West, Inc. TN
DialDialysis Management Group, Inc. TN
DialDialysis Services, Inc. TX
DialDialysis Supply Coany DE
Erika de Reynosa S.A. Mexico
Erika International Sales Corp. DE
Erika Laboratories, Inc. DE
Erika of Texas, Inc. DE
FMC A Acquisition Corp. DE
FMC Dialysis Services - Oregon, LLC (f/k/a OR
Willamette Valley Kidney Center, LLC)
FMC Dialysis Services Colorado LLC DE
Fresenius Canada Dialysis, Inc. DE
Fresenius de Mexico S.A. Mexico
Fresenius Hemotechnology, Inc.
Fresenius Management Services LLC DE
Fresenius Management Services, Inc. DE
Fresenius Medical Care AG Germany
Fresenius Medical Care Canada, Inc. DE
Fresenius Medical Care Pharmacy Services, Inc. DE
Fresenius Securities, Inc. CA
Fresenius USA Home DialDialysis, Inc. DE
Fresenius USA Manufacturing, Inc. DE
Fresenius USA Marketing, Inc. DE
Fresenius USA of Puerto Rico, Inc. DE
Fresenius USA Sales, Inc. MA
Fresenius USA, Inc. MA
Greater Southeast Community Center for Renal DC
Disease, Inc.
Gulf Region Mobile DialDialysis, Inc. DE
Gynesis Healthcare for Women of Florida, Inc. FL
Gynesis Healthcare of Maryland, Inc. MD
Gynesis Healthcare of New Jersey, Inc. NJ
Gynesis Healthcare of New York, Inc. NY
Gynesis Healthcare of Oklahoma, Inc. OK
Gynesis Healthcare of Pennsylvania, Inc. PA
Gynesis Healthcare of South Carolina, Inc. SC
Gynesis Healthcare, Inc. DE
Gynesis Resources, Inc. DE
Haemo-Stat, Inc. CA
Healthdyne Home Infusion Therapy, Inc. CA
Healthy Options for Personal Enrichment, Inc. GA
HIC of Arizona, Inc. AZ
HIC of California, Inc. CA
HIC of Colorado, Inc. CO
HIC of Connecticut, Inc. CT
HIC of Florida, Inc. FL
HIC of Georgia, Inc. GA
HIC of Illinois, Inc. IL
HIC of Kansas, Inc. KS
HIC of Las Vegas, Inc. NV
HIC of Louisiana, Inc. LA
HIC of Maryland, Inc. MD
HIC of Massachusetts, Inc. MA
HIC of Michigan, Inc. MI
HIC of Missouri, Inc. MO
HIC of New Jersey, Inc. NJ
HIC of New York, Inc. NY
HIC of Northern Ohio, Inc. OH
HIC of Ohio, Inc. OH
HIC of Pennsylvania, Inc. PA
HIC of Rhode Island, Inc. RI
HIC of Taa, Inc. FL
HIC of Virginia, Inc. VA
HNS Accucare, Inc. GA
HNS Integrated Care Centers, Inc. GA
HNS Medical Technology Services, Inc. GA
HNS Michigan, Inc. GA
HNS New York, Inc. NY
HNS Quality Home Care, Inc. GA
HNS UP Home Care, Inc. GA
Home DialDialysis Care, Inc. TX
Home Intensive Care, Inc. DE
Home Nutritional Services, Inc. NJ
Home Nutritional Services,Inc. CA (NJ)
Home Pharmacy Care of Michigan, Inc. MI
Homestead Artificial Kidney Center, Inc. FL
I.V. Solutions, LTD (a LLC) TX
Infusions Innovations of Jacksonville, Inc. FL
Infusions Innovations of Taa, Inc. FL
Interamerican Acute Dialysis Services, Inc. FL
International Medical Care, Inc. DE
Kentucky Indiana Nephrology, Inc. KY
Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center, Ltd. AZ
LaFollette DialDialysis Center, TN
LC Laboratory Services, Inc. (dissolved) DE
LC Laboratory Services, LLC DE
Life Assist Medical Products Corp. PR
LifeChem, Inc. DE
Lifeline Medical Supplies, Inc. FL
Lifeline Medical Systems, Inc. CA
Lifeline Medical Systems, Inc. FL
Medical Supply Coany, Inc. VA
Medi-Sure Testing, Inc. VA
Med-X-Press, Inc. DE
Metro Dialysis Center - Kirkwood, Inc. MO
Metro Dialysis Center - Normandy, Inc. MO
Metro Dialysis Center-North, Inc. MO
National Medical Care Canada, Inc. DE
National Medical Care Home Care Service Agency, Inc. NY
National Medical Care of Taiwan, Inc. DE
National Medical Care, Inc. DE
Neomedica, Inc. DE
Nephrology Applications of Mobile, Inc. AL
NMC Asia-Pacific, Inc. DE
NMC China, Inc. DE
NMC Diabetic Foot Care Centers Orthotics, Inc. DE
NMC Diabetic Foot Care, Inc. DE
NMC Diagnostic Services, Inc. DE
NMC Dialysis Service (Romania), Inc DE
NMC Dialysis Services, Inc. DE
NMC Funding Corporation DE
NMC Homecare of Michigan, Inc. DE
NMC International Inc. DE
NMC Latin America, Inc. FL
NMC Management Services, Inc. DE
NMC Medical Products, Inc. DE
NMC Medical Services, Inc. PA
NMC Services (Romania), Inc. DE
NMC Services, Inc. DE
NMC Ventures, Inc. DE
Norlab, Inc. MA
Northern Suburban Dialysis MA
North Knoxville Dialysis Center, Inc. TN
Park Diagnostic Imaging Center, Inc. FL
Park Imaging, Inc. MA
Park Imaging, Inc. FL
Park Portable X-Ray, Inc. MA
PD Solutions of Arizona, Inc. AZ
PD Solutions of Georgia, Inc. GA
PD Solutions of Illinois, Inc. IL
PD Solutions of Louisiana,Inc. LA
PD Solutions of Maryland, Inc. MD
PD Solutions of Michigan, Inc. MI
PD Solutions of Missouri, Inc. MO
PD Solutions of Nevada, Inc. NV
PD Solutions of New Jersey, Inc. NJ
PD Solutions of New York, Inc. NY
PD Solutions of Ohio, Inc. OH
PD Solutions of Pennsylvania, Inc. PA
PD Solutions of Texas, Inc. TX
PD Solutions of Virginia, Inc. VA
PD Solutions, Inc. DE
Personal Care Health Services, Inc. DE
Phoenix Consulting Services, Inc. FL
PML, Inc. MA
Preferred Homecare of Florida, Inc. FL
Preferred Homecare of New Jersey, Inc. NJ
Preferred Pharmacy Services, Inc. FL
Prime Medical, Inc. MA
QCDC of Baltimore, Inc. MD
QCDC of Creve Coeur, Inc. MO
QCDC of Dallas, Inc. TX
QCDC of Greensburg, Inc. LA
QCDC of Hammond, Inc. DE
QCDC of Houston, Inc. TX
QCDC of Las Vegas, Inc. NV
QCDC of Margate, Inc. FL
QCDC of Mt. Vernon, Inc. VA
QCDC of New Orleans, Inc. LA
QCDC of North County, Inc. MO
QCDC of Patapsco, Inc. MD
QCDC of San Antonio, Inc. TX
QCDC of Southern Maryland, Inc. MD
QCDC of St. Augustine, Inc. FL
QCDC of St. Claire Shores, Inc. MI
QCDC of St. Louis, Inc. MO
QCDC of University City, Inc. MO
QCDC of Vega Baja, Inc. PR
QCDC of Vista, Inc. CA
QCI Holdings, Inc. DE
QCI Limited Liability Coany CO
QualiCenters Albany, Ltd. CO
QualiCenters Bend, LLC CO
QualiCenters Coos Bay, Ltd. CO
QualiCenters Eugene-Springfield Ltd. CO
QualiCenters Inland Northwest LLC CO
QualiCenters Louisville LLC CO
QualiCenters Pueblo, LLC CO
QualiCenters Salem, LLC CO
QualiCenters Sioux City LLC CO
QualiCenters, Inc. CO
QualiServ, Ltd. CO
Quality Care Dialysis Centers, Inc. FL
Renal Integrated Health Service Network LLC AZ
Renal Research Institute of Michigan, Inc. DE
Renal Research Institute, LLC NY
Renal Scientific Service of Texas, Inc. DE
Renal Scientific Service, Inc. DE
Renal Supply (Tenn) Corp. NJ
Retaw, Inc. FL
Rockwood Dialysis Center, Inc. VA
S.A.K.D.C., Inc. TX
San Diego Dialysis Services, Inc. DE
Santa Barbara Community Dialysis Center, Inc. CA
Security Health Services, Inc. NV
Sherlof, Inc. SC
Spectra East, Inc. DE
Spectra Renal Research, LLC DE
St. Louis Regional Dialysis Center, Inc. MO
Tappahanock Dialysis Ctr., Inc. VA
Target Health Care, L.L.C. NY
The Medical Accountability Group, Inc. TX
U.S. Renal, LLC DE
U.S. Vascular Access Centers Of Texas, LLC TX
U.S. Vascular Access Centers, LLC DE
UKC-North, Inc. TX
United Dialysis Corporation CA
University Kidney Center, Inc. TX
US Renal-Texas, Inc. TX
US Vascular Access Centers, Inc DE
VMS, Ltd. AZ
Warrenton Dialysis Facility, Inc. VA
West End Dialysis Center, Inc. VA
Zenex Capital Corp. FL